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  • First & Last

    An all-in-one fertiliser designed for autumn and winter application that prepares and protects the turf.

  • Fortitude

    Iron is an essential micro-nutrient to produce chlorophyll. Used for improving the colour of the sward, turf hardening, reducing stress and blackening moss.

    6% Fairway Iron
    6% Complex Iron
    6% Iron + Mn + Wetter
  • Nmaxx

    Slow-release liquid fertilisers containing NMAXX for nitrogen longevity of up to 5 weeks. Reduces losses to the environment.

    Npk 15-0-12 slow release
    Npk 6-2-12 slow release
    Npk 28-0-0 slow release
  • Nutrilong v180

    A range of granular fertilisers designed with Nutrilong V180 to release their nutrients over a period of 5-6 months, reducing applications required and minimising nutrient loss.

    Npk 29-4-8 1.7%MgO 83%V180 (1-2mm)
    Npk 28-5-8 1.2%MgO 80%V180 (2-3mm)