DTL is a world class importer, stockiest and distributor of quality products to suit today’s Agro-business sector.

  • Aminaid

    Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, they improve stress tolerance and provide a bio stimulant effect on growth.

    Amino Foliar
    Amino Root
  • Bestwet/Resolute

    A range of wetting agents to cover all situations and requirements, including hose-end tablets and broadacre products.

    RESOLUTE Wetting Agent
    BESTWET Hose-end Tablets x 6
    BESTWET Wetter Tablet 3kg
    BESTWET Wetting Agent
    HORIZON Wetting Agent
    YUCCA Wetting Agent
  • Black & Green

    Black & Green is a powerful homogenous granule containing both iron and magnesium. Very effective for improving turf colour. High applications will darken the sward.

    Black & Green (1-2mm) 12%Fe 5%MgO
  • Command

    Precision homogenous granular fertilisers, with each granule containing the full nutrient package to provide the most even and reliable performance.

    Npk 4-0-4 +9%Fe (1-2mm)
    Npk 7-0-14 +2%MgO +4%Fe (1-2mm)
    Npk 12-10-20 +4%MgO (1-2mm)
    Npk 13-0-26 1%Fe TE 50%MU (1-2mm)
    Npk 14-2-8 1.2%MgO 2%Fe (1-2mm)
    Npk 15-6-15 0.4%MgO 0.5%Fe 50%MU (1-2mm)
    Npk 16-0-16 2%MgO 1%Fe 50%MU (1-2mm)
    Npk 16-12-8 Zn TE 50% MU (1-2mm)