DTL is a world class importer, stockiest and distributor of quality products to suit today’s Agro-business sector.

  • Standard npk

    High quality liquids.

    Npk 0-0-16
    Npk 4-4-12
    Npk 19-4-4
    Npk 0-0-28
    Npk 12-0-12
    Npk 20-0-10
    Npk 3-0-20
    Npk 16-2-8
    Npk 24-0-0
  • Standard release npk granular

    A range of blended granular fertilisers comprising perfectly matched and uniform particles for easy, reliable application. Balanced nutrient profiles for effective professional results.

    Npk 8-4-16 (2-3 mm)
    Npk 9-16-12 (2-3 mm)
    Npk 14-3-6 (2-3mm)
  • Total event

    All in one fertiliser for use as a high-quality feed or for application before an event to revive stressed or depleted areas of turf.

  • Trace-e

    A trace element blend for micronutrient deficiencies and stress boosting benefits.

    TRACE-E Trace Element Mix